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B&H Sport Staff Agency was founded to cover the needs of people involved in sport. No event, no organization, no association or club can be successful without persons who are taking care of all things around the sport. Instructors, referees, coaches, volunteers and others can be provided by B&H. Just contact us or book direct.

Peter Brigola



The Founder and Technician:

  • Referee all international levels (Olympic,World Championships, Worldcups)

  • Chair of a commission in an international disabled Sport Federation

  • Manager of a sport club

  • Teacher

  • Instructor

Mirani Fernandes

Executive Director


The Organizer and Brain:

  • Member of an international sport women counsil

  • Executiv Sekretary of South America Sport Federation

  • Service Manager for Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games

  • Public Relation Director

  • Sport manager

  • General secretary of sport clubs




The Office:

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